About Kenya


  • The Kenyan Government has announced its Big 4 Agenda, with Food Security as one of the key strategies, to be implemented over the next 4 years.

  • Kenya has dealt with numerous post-harvest losses due to poor grain handling, including poor storage and poor sanitation, and thus the Government is encouraging the private sectors to come up with various technologies to improve their current situation.

  • Kenyan Government earlier came up with “Vision 2030” which will bring in huge investment opportunities for the companies worldwide.

  • The Economy of Kenya is largest by GDP in East and Central Africa and USDA forecasts an increase in Kenya’s corn, wheat and rice production in consecutive way.

  • The Government will invest in generating data to improve knowledge management for private sectors as they would require data on gaps, such as areas with highest post-harvest losses, causes of those losses and so on to develop appropriate solutions.

Africa has almost 65 percent non-cultivated land of the total world. If this land is cultivated, it could feed more than total population of the world. Government is aiming to achieve its agribusiness potential would be US$1 trillion by 2030.