About Exhibition

Radeecal Communications is a pioneer in the industry where corporate level of exhibitions is the concern. In the history of exhibitions after the successful story of Graintech Africa (An International Exhibition on Grain Technology) we are all set to come up with the 2nd  edition of Graintech Africa (An international Exhibition on Grain and Grain Milling technology) after a grand success of the first one.

A Grain Technology advancement oriented exhibition and conference is to be held on 16,17 & 18 June, 2021 at Nairobi (Kenya)

Some East African countries like Kenya, Zambia and Ethiopia needs great attention on Trade platforms to get investment for the development to improve the grain productivity & Mobility.

Africa is lacking proper infrastructure for the growing need of grain industry, and such kind of platform gives great exposure to the industry to grow to the international level. Africa has great potential to grow huge amount of grain to meet international requirement as well as it needs proper processing technology to deliver results in time. Therefore, this kind of opportunity can give great support to expand and enhance their businesses resulting maximum outcome during the event.