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International Grain Exhibition

GRAINTECH AFRICA an International Exhibition & Conference on Grain & Grain-Technologies & Machineries will be organized during 19-20-21 June, 2019 at Kenyatta International Exhibition Center, Nairobi, Kenya. Good numbers of companies from 25 countries are expected to participate in this exhibition and large numbers of gathering are expected at Graintech Africa which included Progressive Farmers, Agronomist, Government officials, Mill operators, Whole seller, Grain processing companies, Manufactures etc. 6th edition of Agritec Africa And Dairy Livestock & Poultry Expo Africa are also being organized as concurrent events to include companies from Agriculture and Dairy, Poultry Livestock related sectors to participate.


Radeecal Communications Radeecal Communications is pioneers in the industry where corporate level of exhibitions is the concern. In the history of exhibitions after the successful story of Agritec Africa (An International Exhibition on Agriculture Technology) we are all set to introduce new wing of subject Graintech Africa (An international Exhibition on Grain and Grain Milling technology).

A Grain Technology advancement oriented exhibition and conference is to be held on 19, 20 & 21 June, 2019 at Nairobi (Kenya)

The exhibition is supported by such an association.

Some East African countries like Kenya, Zambia and Ethiopia needs great attention on Trade platforms to get investment for the development to improve the grain producibility & Mobility.

Africa is lacking of the proper infrastructure for the growing need the grain industry, and such kind of platform gives great exposure to the industry to grow to the international level. Africa has great potential to grow huge amount of grain to meet international requirement as well as it needs proper processing technology to deliver results in time. There for this kind of opportunity can give great support to expand and enhance their businesses resulting maximum outcome during the event.


  • The Economy of Kenya is the largest by GDP in East and Central Africa.

  • Over 75% Population is a Major employer in agriculture.

  • USDA forecasts an increase in Kenya's corn, wheat and rice production in consecutive way.

  • A land with most arable land aiming to feed population of surrounding continents.

  • Huge Investment opportunities as Vision 2030 is anchored for the development.

Africa has almost 65 percent non-cultivated land of the total world. If this land is cultivated, it could feed more than total population of the world. Government is aiming to achieve its agribusiness potential would be US$1 trillion by 2030.


  • Corn, Sugarcane, Wheat, Barley, Sorghum, Flour, Rice, Pulses & Soya beans

  • Processing Plants

  • Grader and Gravity Separator Machine

  • Various Technology Separators

  • Various Capacity Seeds Processing Machine

  • Cleaning Plant & Machine

  • De-stoner Machine

  • Vertical/ Double Bucket Elevator

  • Bins for Material Fed

  • Vertical Surface Moisture Dryer

  • Needle Sorter Machine

  • Vegetable Seed Extraction Machine

  • Finns Blower & Wheel Blower Systems

  • Fan Gravity Separator Machine

  • Seed/Grain Dryer Machine


  • Rice Mill Machinery

  • Cleaning, Hulling & Polishing Machines & Equipment

  • Grain & Material Handling Equipment (Conveyor Belt & Chain Conveyor)

  • Vibro Separator, Screen & Shifter Machines and Equipment

  • Grain Quality & Analysis Lab Equipment

  • Various Silo and Storage Systems

  • Temperature and Humidity Detector & Controller Systems

  • Dust Control & Collection Systems

  • Yield Optimization & Automation Systems

  • Grinding & Screening Machines and Equipment

  • Paddy Parboiling Plant

  • Flour Auxiliary Machine & Accessories

  • Milling Process Equipment

  • Grain & Flour Packing, Sewing & Closing Machine

  • Grain & Flour Labeling Technology

  • Abrasive Wheel & Equipment

  • Sorting Machine (Color, Size, Shape & Quality)

  • Grain Density and Moisture Analyzing System

  • Milling Automation Solution Providers

  • Scales and Weighing Equipment

  • Insurance, Financial & Banking Sectors

  • Crushing, Extraction & Feed Plant

  • Oil Derivatives & Dry Fractionation Plants


  • Farmers & Agri Entrepreneurs etc. Agriculture Commodity Trading Firms

  • Grain Processing Companies

  • Food Processing Companies

  • Extracts & by Product Manufacturers

  • Importers & Exporters of Agri Commodity

  • Owners, directors & chief officers of mills & plants

  • FMCG Goods Producers

  • Authorities of Food & Food Produce Companies

  • Brand & Marketing Managers

  • Companies of Dehydration Sectors

  • Various Countries’ Bilateral Chamber of Commerce

  • Agents & Distributors

  • Whole Sellers

  • Mill Operators

  • Processing Professionals

  • Value-added Commodity Companies

  • Govt. Departments / Promotion Bodies/ Associations/ NGO’S

  • Warehouse Owners

  • Transportation & Logistics Officials

  • Ingredient & Nutrient Product Producers

  • Refined & Raw Product Producers

  • and Many Sector Related Producers & Service Providers

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